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IAHA/AHRA Merger Documents

IAHA/AHRA Merger Documents
IAHA/AHRA Merger Documents and Links to Reports Addressing AHRA/WAHO Problem
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AHA Articles of Incorporation

AHA Bylaws
PAT Articles of Incorporation

PAT Bylaws

PAT Exhibit A
Part of the Bylaws, this explains Corpus A & B

Agreement & Plan of Merger

Governance Committee's Recommendations
on Governance

IAHA/AHRA History of Negotiations
1988 - 2001

IAHA Drug/Medication Report 1996

1996 IAHA Drug/Medication ad hoc Committee Report

Mary Anne Grimmell, then President of the International Arabian Horse Association appointed Lorry as chair of the Drugs/Medication ad hoc Study Committee. This committee spent 2 years researching this problem.  Following is the link to the official report, compiled by the Committee and written by Lorry Wagner.

IAHA Resolution; Ban Active Trainers from Judging

Resolution 2000-46; Ban Active Trainers from Judging in the Arabian Horse Show Ring

This 2000 resolution was defeated but is made available here for the many who continually realize this resolution should be passed.  Trainers are not allowed to be judges in Europe.  We should follow suit!

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Sierra Nevadas

Sierra Nevadas

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