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Sierra Dawn Arabians

Breeding Program

Sierra Dawn Arabians has chosen some of the finest American Arabian horse bloodlines to contribute to the availability of true desert horses for the American Arabian horse rider and future breeder.

On this page, we are highlighting  the individual Arabian stallions and mares who have figured prominently in our program.

Davenport, Crabbett,  and Kellogg are some of the sources of these bloodlines. Each element has been chosen for temperament, soundness, and Bedouin Arabian type.

We are always available to share our personal knowledge of Arabian horse pedigrees, and help you to better understand how you may also contribute to the creation of great Arabian horses to ride into the future.

Stallion History

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Foundation Stallion
(1968 - 1998)
Sierra Dunes
(Dunes x Trafara)
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Sierra Ibn Dunes
(1983 - 2012)

(Sierra Dunes x Sierra Tatianna)
at 45 days under saddle
Lorry Wagner, training
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Senior Stallion
Currently Standing
SDA Dunes Taj

(Sierra Ibn Dunes x Sierra Dawnn)
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Mare History

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Foundation Mare
(Farnur x Traba)
w/1968 filly
Dufara (x Dunes)

Sierra Dawnn
(Sierra Dunes x Royal Raftana)
w/ 1988 colt
Sierra Sabre (x Sierra Dunes)          

Sierra Tatianna
(Sierra Dunes x Sher Ami)
w/1996 colt
Sierra Sultann (x Bo Nafatez)

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page 2--Sierra Dawnn
page 3--Sierra Tatianna
page 4--Sierra Duma
page 5--Sierra Bint Dunes
page 6--Sierra Sama
page 7--Lietmotiv CF

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