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Sierra Dawn Arabians

Inyokern, California

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Lorry Wagner - Inyokern, CA

Our Arabian horses were born and bred in the High Sierras to be the choice of fine horsemen everywhere,
just like the original imports gathered from the desert over one hundred years ago.

Sierra Dawn Arabians'enviable collection of trophies and ribbons earned over the years
attests to the enduring quality, trainability, and honest work ethic that is their heritage.

Foaled in the rugged desert conditions similar to the Arabian homeland,
their durable conformation offers discerning equestrians an ideal outcross for today's horses.

We invite you to  join us in creating this special type of Arabian designed to give you the ride of a lifetime.

Sierra Dawn Arabians™
Lorry Wagner, Owner

Please call for an appointment; 760-377-5579

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